Smoky Quartz Shield

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Smoky Quartz Shield 


The shield is a powerful amulet designed with purpose to ground and protect the energy of whom she adorns. 

Inspired by Middle Eastern geometry and based on the concept of the shield being highly protective, our crystal shield has been intentionally embedded with gemstones for grounding and energetic protection. 

Symbol and Crystal Meaning

We have used Ancient middle eastern geometry as the basis for our crystal shield design.

The use of this geometric pattern is known to reflect the language of the universe and allow the wearer to not only reflect on life, but the greatness of creation.

We have emulated the shape of the almighty shield and embedded smoky quartz into the main breastplate of this hand-crafted piece for grounding, stability and the coming back to self-awareness, of being connected to the Earth, but also acknowledging that we are part of a greater consciousness.

A solitaire black garnet has been placed in line with each point of the Smoky Quartz symbolising the 4 cardinal directions, the four elements and essentially the universe. 

Strategically placed to offer the soul protection energetically, physically, emotionally , spiritually.

A powerfully protective crystal shield.



LENGTH: 42cm chain featuring a 2 x 2cm extension

MATERIAL: gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, sterling silver

AMULET: measures 21mm long x 11mm wide 

CRYSTAL: features a 5mm kite shaped smoky quartz, 4 x 1mm natural black garnet.

Please remember to select your crystal choice in comments for the crystal soft willow, triple goddess or isis chain.

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