Emerald Serpent Amulet

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Serpent Amulet, evoking a deep connection with life force energy, creative energy and awakening the all-powerful kundalini energy vortex which rests at the base of the spine. 

A gently fierce piece that offers a hidden power. 


Stone Meaning 


Emeralds are embedded in the eyes of the snake, piecing through all those who dare cross her path with ill intention.  

A protective symbol amplified with crystal as you undertake the journey to shedding all that you were to embrace all that you are. 

This is a deep journey that the soul undertakes regularly and protection during this transformational time is needed as we are vulnerable when shedding.

The frequency of Emerald offers protection and powerful heart ascension energy.  She encompasses all of the hearts journey to ascend into a love of all, of everything and all that is, without judgement, fear or conditions.

Her connection is at one with nature, with the very beginnings of time, from an ancient place - a land soul is familiar with.

All our emeralds are of the highest quality and sourced ethically from India, the depth of her colour is completely natural and exudes the highest frequency.

CRYSTAL: features 2x 1.2mm natural emeralds set into the eyes of the serpent 

LENGTH: mounted on a 40-42cm chain with 2 x 1cm extensions  

 You can view our chain styles here 

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