Peach Moonstone Free Form Necklace

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Our high-quality Peach Moonstone is filled with peachy, flashy goodness. 

That beautiful creamy peachy glow is gently soothing to those that are particularly sensitive to energy and frequency changes.  

Stone Meaning 


Peach Moonstone holds a nurturing energy enveloping the soul encasing her in a bubble of LOVE and familiarity that feels like home.

Her frequency soothes children and those sensitive to energy shifts and changes.  She allows us to be at one with our very being.

She aides in releasing trauma, relaxes anxious thoughts and can quell an overactive mind.

Peach moonstone is also linked to the moon and her cyclic rhythms and can be extremely calming during states of heightened energy.

All our Peach Moonstone is of the highest quality and exudes a beautiful peachy, flashy glow.  

Ishk Jewels

All our jewellery is made by hand with natural crystals and high-quality materials.  Each  Ishk piece of jewellery comes in its own luxury gift box.

We also include a handwritten card with the meaning of your piece.


LENGTH : adjustable chain 40cm featuring 2 adjustment options depending on selected age 

CRYSTALS : features a natural hand faceted free form shaped AAA grade Peach Moonstone measuring approx. 10mm x 8mm

MATERIALS : 14K Gold filled, Rose Gold Filled or Stirling Silver Chain.

Please place crystal preference for triple goddess and crystal soft willow in comments

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