Amethyst Ankh Amulet

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Amethyst Ankh Amulet


A variation on our hero Amulet, as part of our Ancient Ethereal release.

Drawn by hand and set in semi-precious stones, the Ankh by Ishk an energetically charged piece that commands respect.

Symbol and Crystal Meaning

The original Ankh is an Ancient Symbol dating back to 2700BC. 

Originating from Ancient Egypt the Ankh is essentially the "Key Of Life" the concept of eternal life and the vital force that sustains it. 

This Ancient symbol holds so much power and frequency, and is the essence of the Beginning, of Creation and all that is.

Each integral part of the Ankh's design holds deep symbolism and frequency.  

The loop at the top holds the sacred symbolism of the womb - the portal to earth and the strength in the cross-like formation at the base of the loop signifies the masculine energy. 

The cross represents the earthly plane, while the loop represents the eternal and infinite nature of the soul. Together, they symbolize the union of heaven and earth, and the balance of opposites, such as life and death, male and female, and good and evil.

The synergy of both energies in this symbol is a powerful union of the divine masculine and feminine - of creation and all the principles upon which magick is based upon.

In Egyptian mythology, the ankh was associated with the gods and goddesses who represented life and fertility, such as Osiris, Isis, and Hathor.

The innate and original Ishk designed Ankh holds the powerful frequency of protection, of powerful ancient wisdom and magick and amplifies vitality and our own spiritual power.

Gemstone placement in our Ankh has been purposefully and intuitively placed.

Our Ankh is suspended on a trillion-cut lavender amethyst crystal.

A emerald cut lavender amethyst has been placed at the heart of the Ankh, a point where there is a powerful energetic centre (crossroads) 

Amethyst has been selected for this piece to bring a powerful awakening of the crown and third eye chakra to the wearer.

This is truly our most powerful amulet holding an ancient frequency awaiting to infuse energy into the wearer.

The Ankh is the interconnectedness of all things, the continuity of life, and the enduring power of the human spirit.


LENGTH: 42cm chain featuring a 2 x 2cm extension

MATERIAL: gold vermeil, stirling silver

AMULET: measures 30mm x 18mm

CRYSTAL: features a 4mm trillion-cut amethyst, 3mm emerald cut lavender amethyst.  

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