Corno Chilli - Garnet

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Protection from evil spirits and lower vibrational energy 

Corno translates to "little horn" in Italian.

She is a highly protective amulet worn to ward off and protect against the malocchio

In Italian culture, malocchio translates to "evil eye"

The corno is worn or hung at the front door, sometimes in the form of chilli's to ward off and protect against evil spirits crossing the threshold to the home and protect from evil and lower vibrational energy from spirit or human entering the home or persons own energetic vibration.

This is an ancient tradition, and one that is passed on through generations, with a story that tells the tale of the symbol being an extremely powerful protector, especially in the case of unintentional curse.

Unintended curses are made where envy is present or underlying and is subconsciously thrown at the person that is on the receiving end of the adoration.

The colour red is considered highly protective in Italian culture especially in the protection against beings not of this earthly plane.


We have embedded deep red garnet into each piece to infuse and amplify the protective qualities of this talisman.



Amulet is solid and measures 20mm long with a total drop measurement of 25mm

Embedded with 10 sparkling red garnet crystals 

Branded with ishk 

Amulet is place on a 40cm chain with two extension options to 45cm

 for the triple goddess and soft crystal willow options, please place your crystal preference in the comments 

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