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authentic love 

Chakra : heart

Mantra : "I am everything I already need to be"

Her gentle frequency works at the heart level. She is more than love and self acceptance.  She helps guide us to understand and recognize healthy love, authentic love, love that is good for our souls.

She is important in helping us attract authenticity, love that is part of our soul plan.

Rose quartz also supports us in shadow work as we unveil part of self that may have been in darkness for some time.  This is where the healing begins.

If we are centered, strong and confident as rose quartz leads us our being to vibrate in, then we attract healthy loving relationships.

Rather then think of her as your solution to attracting love, think of her as your supportive crystal of the heart as you journey to heal your soul to draw in the soul connections you need.

Our labradorite shard hoops are cut by artisians into 10mm long x 4mm faceted tabular drops, they are set in golden vermeil, rose vermeil or sterling silver.

Our hoops are gold fill, 14k rose gold vermeil and sterling silver with a secure easy to close latch.

The crystal shard hoop is light weight and designed to wear daily. 

She subtly moves with your energy

 "Awaken Your Magic "