mini crystal shard necklace - limited edition

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mini crystal shard necklace  

Chakra : all

Mantra : "I dance with the fairies and believe in the stars. I embody imagination and I dream in colour" 


for children who are sensitive, anxious, in tune or connected.

the crystal shard necklace uses crystals specifically chosen for children depending on their calling. 

 Green tourmaline has a childlike energetic connection with nature and promotes relaxation, grounding and nature play.

Pink tourmaline has an extremely soft energy that encourages bonding and heart connection with family, animals and other children. 

This little treasure is light reflective and translucent. She reflects the most beautiful light prisms and rainbows and is filled with light

Pink tourmaline and green tourmaline pieces vary size , however range from 8-12mm long by 2-4 mm thick

Choose the half rosary for three coloured crystals each side 

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