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Dragons Blood

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Dragon's Blood is a resin that comes from the Dragon trees, it is dark red in colour giving it its name dragons blood.

This resin has been used for thousands of years in Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, the Middle East and Indian cultures for either healing, Spiritual or artistic purposes.

The mythos surrounding Dragon's Blood from antiquity is as the name suggests, the spilling of the Blood of a Dragon ( a famous dragon) and that blood causing the dragon trees to spring up in its place, giving those trees their mystical healing and spiritual properties.

Dragon's Blood magickally corresponds with the Element of Fire and the planet Mars, it is masculine in its frequency.

What is Sage/Smoke Cleansing 

Dragon's Blood holds properties of amplification and adding power, it cleanses and purifies the space.  It was often used for exorcism as it also holds the vibration of adding strength & courage.

Dragon's Blood is often used magickally for spells or rituals concerned with banishing, protection, amplifying and aligning intention.


How To Use

  • Place a couple of pieces of dragon's blood on your charcoal disc inside your cauldron and allow to burn.
  • You can use the resin on its own or mix with our powerful herbs and incense blends for a POWERFUL smoke cleanse and removal of lower vibrational energy.
  • Move room to room holding intention of cleansing the presence / space in your mind
  • Open the windows and doors, allow excess burn to smoke outside as dragon's blood can really smoke up!

Includes a glass test tube filled with 11grams dragon's blood 

Approximately 15-20 uses