Dreamy Protection Set

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Dreamy Protection Set 

Designed for the fairy witches, the water signs, The Piscean dreamer and those that prefer a gentler form of protection that packs a punch to the external world.

The dreamy Protection set feels whimsical and magical but delivers the Magick it need to for the wearer.

Imagine a synergy of Ancient symbols and powerful crystals that work in harmony together to create a powerful impenetrable shield around the soul.

A set designed specifically to evoke an energy around protection, heart activation and ancient knowledge.


Layer 1

Fairy Herkimer Choker - Necklace

Featuring a rare mix of 4mm coloured Herkimer's in hues of pastel purple, baby blues, sweet orange and soft yellow weaved into golden or silver chain.

Fairy Herkimer's evoke a playful sense of energy and work to align the soul on your path to purpose. 

They also amplify the crystals you pair them with in your protection set. 

Think of this whimsical beauty as your amplifying necklace, giving the other charms and crystals the juice they need to amp up the frequency.


Featuring 26 coloured Herkimer's 

Adjustable chain 39cm - 49cm 

Wear in the set or alone.


Layer 2

Ametrine Necklace

Now we begin to get serious about amping up the energy with energy.

Picking up on the soft purple and golden hues in our fairy Herkimer's, Ametrine is the perfect second layer with her flashes of pastel purple and citrine infused goodness at the core of her. 

To really get this set going, we have infused the chain on the Ametrine Emerald cut centre piece with our triple goddess soft amethyst colour beads. 

Amethyst is highly protective in the spiritual realm and protects the soul from psychic attack. 

She also brings a high sense of clarity and light to the wearer


Featuring solitaire Emerald Cut Ametrine measuring 14mm x 10mm

Adjustable chain 40cm - 45cm

Wear in the set or alone.

Placed in triple goddess chain infused with lavender amethyst 

Layer 3

Peridot Eye Of Protection

Complimenting the perfect pastels, we bring a gentle green to the mix in the symbol of the powerful protective eye.

A stone to ward off a curse, but also to work to open the heart chakra and transmute the energy back at those who wish ill upon us the most powerful frequency of all - love.

Love overrides all frequencies, especially those of low vibration.

The Evil Eye Amulet is highly protective and works together with Ametrine and Herkimer to amplify the properties of this powerful piece.

We have amplified this piece with extra peridot crystals infused into our crystal soft willow chain


Featuring 16mm Eye amulet embedded with over 10 genuine Peridot stones

Adjustable chain 44cm - 48cm

Wear in the set or alone.

Placed on Peridot infused Crystal soft willow chain

Layer 4

Ancient Ankh Amulet 

Lets get serious with out hero piece.  The Ancient Ankh amulet is the ultimate protective symbol, encoded with crystals in protective Peridot and pink chalcedony to pick up on the frequencies in our pastel infused Ametrine, fairy Herkimer and peridot eye necklace.

Ultimately, this piece is a supercharge energy of absolute awakening ,holding the energy of the keys to life and reigning from ancient Egypt, used as a symbols of spiritual and physical protection.

The jewel in the crown is moonstone, placed in the bail that calls in a soft, yet powerfully fierce divine feminine energy.

Ankh is placed on our isis chain with divine white topaz beads, amplifying the properties of every single crystal you are wearing.


Featuring 30mm x 18mm ankh amulet embedded with a emerald cut peridot, marquise moonstone and brilliant cut pin chalcedony.

Adjustable chain 48cm - 55cm

Wear in the set or alone.

Placed on White topaz infused Isis chain

The listing includes 4 necklaces, all featuring adjustable chain lengths to layer with each other or mix and match or be worn alone.

Please see the item description for chain infusions and crystals used.

Fairy Herkimer goddess chain is EXTREMELY limited due to a crystal shortage of these particular crystals 

Fairy Herkimer chain not sold separately.

All Chains are made form 925 Stirling Silver, 14k Gold Fill and 14k Rose Gold Fill 

We only used genuine crystals and gemstones

You save 25% by purchasing this as a set