Elestial Quartz - limited edition


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angelic connection

Chakra : crown, third eye and soul star  

Mantra : " I connect and communicate freely between worlds, other realms. I am open to receive and receive I shall."

The unearthing of these sacred beauties is just as magical as the frequency she exudes.  

Our friend Carlo, saw what he interpreted to be " shimmering mountains' in the North of Italy - Gouta, situated in the Nervia Valley.

Approaching a small isolated valley between the mountains, Carlo could see the ground sparkling and the mountains glittering in a picturesque moment in time that he could only describe as a mirage. 

It was not a mirage, it was in fact elestial quartz, the mountains, the field between the valleys was glittering like it had been rained upon from the heavens. 

This miraculous find was what we bestow upon you, transforming these rare crystals into jewels.

Her frequency is the sound of angelic harps calling from the heavens.  She has a high pitched energy that resonates completely and in perfect harmony with the highest chakra- the soul star or unseen frequency above our crown.

She is the bridge of connection between our human form and spiritual guides.  The cord connecting us to the angelic realm, opening our third eye, crown and soul star in perfect harmonic frequency to "receive" messages and guidance.

Believe what you see and hear with elestial as she is magical beyond this realm.

Available in small, medium and large 

Small diamonds 10-15mm placed on 42cm chain 

Medium diamonds 15-22mm placed on 45cm chain 

Large Diamonds 22mm-27mm placed on 52cm chain 

Our elestial quartz is of irregular shape, she is raw, unearthed and unworked just as she was discovered from her mountain home.

She has a beautiful clear clarity with italian ancient golden clay inclusions.

Take her as she is 

Extremely limited 

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