Elestial Quartz - Limited Edition

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Sing the sweet song of the angelic realm.

Our magical and etheral Elestial quartz is no ordinary crystal.

My guides show me angels stringing harps and hitting that sweet spot on the frequency meter.  That magical note that moves the soul, every single time.

Unearthed by hand in Northern Italy, Elestial Quartz has the most magical back story.

Discovered above the darkness of the Earth's cave, she was discovered in a field of diamonds, basking in the sun's wondrous rays awaiting her discovery.

Stone & Symbol Meaning 


Filled with golden clay, each crystal in this lot is unique, abstract and asymetric.

Her formation includes as her namesake suggests, many crystals stacked upon the mother crystal in a geometric style formation.  Formed completely by nature,

Her frequency is the line of connection to the celestial realm.

She cuts through the noise and tunes in, connecting the lines of communication for clear and concise messages from our guides.

She illuminates the visions, amplifies our natural gifts and allows us to surrender ego to receive guidance.

Her golden clay holds ancient secrets from the mountains of Northern Italy.  She connects us to the land, our lineage, our evolution and gifts us with a deeper comprehension of what once was.  For when we understand our past, our lineage and unlock memories and knowledge from lives before this, we can help to heal our present future.

Enjoy the reconnection Elestial brings and the knowing of all that was, all that is and all that shall be.

The opening of the crown chakra awaits. 

All Elestial is hand mined ethically by our partner in Northern Italy, a place close to my heart, having ancestral roots through my husbands family and a deep link to the mountains here.

Ishk Jewels

All our jewellery is made by hand with natural crystals and high-quality materials.  Each Ishk piece of jewellery comes in its own luxury Ishk Jewels gift box.

We also include a handwritten card with the meaning of your piece.

If you order multiple pieces, we may place them in one box for sustainability purposes. If the jewels are a gift, please place a note in comments section 



Small Crystals - adjustable chain 40cm features 1 adjustment option

Medium Crystals - adjustable chain 45cm features 1 adjustment option 

Large Crystals - adjustable chain 50cm features 1 adjustment option 

CRYSTALS : Natural formation - please do not expect any symmetry in Elestial as the namesake suggest they are geometric formed crytsals


Small - 10-14mm

Medium -16mm -20mm

Large -25mm - 30mm 

Crystals are naturally filled with Golden Clay inclusions 

Crystals are NOT symmetrical 

Elestial formation means windows, markings, etchings , asymetry and mulitple geometrical crystal formations

Clarity of the quartz component of this lot is AAA

Some of the smaller pieces do not feature golden inclusions