Emerald Moon Necklace

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higher love - Queen of divine 

Chakra : heart & crown 

Mantra : "My heart is endless love, my soul is immortal and I illuminate the darkness"

Powerfully enchanting, the emerald moon unleashes the hearts strength, her love , her full potential. 

She lifts the veil of shadows that we may be carrying, our burdens, what weighs us down and allows us to embrace the goddess inside us. 

This is a powerful piece, the symbolic crescent moon connects us with the divine feminine goddess energy, crowned in our ancient emerald who connects the heart , crown and mind to a greater awakening of self and souls potential.

The single emerald is a beacon in the unseen world, should you wish to connect. The glowing jewel in the crown 

She who adorns her feels her regal energy, reveals her goddess and in meditation , perhaps even give us a glimpse into past lives.

Our emerald moon queen is hand made and measures 16mm long 

Our emerald moon is placed on a 42 cm chain with 2 extensions making it adjustable to 46 cm

Our emeralds are sourced from ancient India and are of gem grade , exquisite quality.

Please note our emeralds are claw set as it showcases the beauty of her glow.

Created in 14k soft  coloured gold vermeil, 14k rose gold and sterling silver 

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