Emerald Ring

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Chakra - Heart

Mantra : "Ancient Stone of magic and mystique, align my heart with my soul and my soul with my heart, guiding the way to truth and awakening"


Emerald is an ancient stone of magick and much mysticism.  She was worn by royalty in ancient Egyptian times.

She opens the heart chakra to truth, awakening, inspiration, balance and great wisdom

Emerald has the power to overcome conditioning and break through old patterns and barriers, paving the way to rejuvenation , renewal and acceptance.

Emerald can connect souls on a deep heart level, and help guide you to soul contracts and energetic connections that will serve the souls highest purpose.

A stone of pure bliss, regal standing and unconditional love 

Love being the most powerful vibration in the universe.

A strengthening and clarity of thought is gifted with the power of Emerald's frequency 


Oval cut genuine emerald

6mm x 4mm 

set on solid 14k gold