Abundance Eye Pendant - Pink Garnet


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Eye Of Plenty 

Fertility & Abundance 

The Eye of Plenty amulet replicates the entrance to the womb, or the portal to life.

Her shape and energy acts as a portal which summons the energy of plenty and abundance to the wearer.

She encapsulates the frequency of the divine feminine and is amplified with rare pink garnets that glow a pink hue calling in the energy of abundance and plentiful blessings.

Her frequency is connected to the womb, a powerful portal whereby new souls are nourished before they enter earth side.

The womb is also a place where many women store trauma or emotional pain and the healing pink garnets frequency connect deep into this space and root - sacral chakra to begin the healing process to heal trauma

It is for this reason her frequency brings abundance and fertility.



Amulet is solid and measures 16mm 

Embedded with a 3mm pink garnet at the pupil and surrounded by pink garnets 

Branded with ishk 

Amulet is place on a 42cm chain with two extension options to 47cm

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