Eye Of Protection Pendant - Peridot


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Eye Of Protection

Protection against spiritual attack  

The Eye of Protection amulet is designed to ward off spiritual and psychic attack

Embedded with powerful Peridot, a stone of ancient times that the knights of the templar wore to battle, she wards of unwanted negative vibration and energy 

A stone to ward off a curse, in particular, those that are intentionally placed on the wearer.

Peridot also works with the heart chakra and transmutes the most powerful frequency of all - that of love.

Love does override lower frequencies and the wearer is protected from personal and spiritual attack.

The shape of the amulet, the eye- is a powerful invocation of warning others not to cast or spell onto the wearer.



Amulet is solid and measures 16mm

Embedded with a 3mm peridot at the pupil and surrounded by peridot

Branded with ishk 

Amulet is place on a 42cm chain with two extension options to 47cm

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