Galactic Trinity Earring

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Galactic Trinity Earring


Tiny galactic tablets in scripted and embossed with quantum codes and embedded with Saturn, the planet of rule, of Karmic cycles, of disciplinarian structure.

Symbol and Crystal Meaning

We have placed the planet Saturn on tiny galactic tablets

Saturn, also known as Father Time, helps navigates the soul's journey through this life, bestowing the gift of the power of balance.

Connecting us back to our origins, to our deeper purpose, the Galactic trinity earring is encoded with 333

A numerical code for creation, of unity consciousness.

Embedding this powerful code amplifies Saturn's navigational power to steer us onto the path of alignment, keeping us centred and focused.

Embedded with 4 twinkling pink tourmaline stars, to open the heart to such teachings and become the guiding light to our destiny. 


MOUNT: 1cm ancient tablet with galactic inscription

DROP: 1.5cm drop, lightweight for everyday wear 

MATERIAL: gold vermeil, stirling silver, rose gold vermeil 

CRYSTAL: 2 x 1.2mm pink tourmaline