Garnet Earthed Ring

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Garnet Earthed Ring 


Chakra : base ~ sacral

Mantra : "She dances to the tune of her own beat, as the rain washes upon her naked body, in the midst of the forest, she is connected to the core of mother Gaia, she is grounded and balanced and she knows who she is "

She glows in magnificent blood red, the colour of the core of our beings 

Blood red in colour, the intensity of her frequency pierces the core of the sacral chakra, spreading her warmth and stability beginning with the base.

As you connect to your garnet, you will feel the warmth she imparts into the energy of your very life force, the powerful kundalini energy 

She is coiled tight like a snake until garnets frequency enters.  

Slowly she is freed, unravelling like a serpent, connected to the depths of the core of Mother Earth.  Grounded and ready to ascend and tend to the higher chakra's

Garnet completely connects the soul to Earth, she grounds her and stabilizes her evoking courage and strength and connectedness.  

A flighty soul can only ascend and work into the higher chakra's if she is completely grounded, for that garnet is a perfect starter crystal.

Do not underestimated the power of garnet, she is the needed for soul's ascension especially at this time. 

Think of her as a lifeforce crystal just as her blood red colour eludes 

All our garnet is sourced and hand selected by our gemologist in India.

We use AAA grade garnet only which features impressive flashiness and illuminescent light reflection.



Cushion Set

14k solid Gold 

1.2mm Band 

5mm stone