Goddess Flow Pendant

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Mantra : "I surrender, I flow into energetic alignment as I relinquish all resistance"

The key to manifesting your intentions is flowing into your own unique energetic alignment that is your souls plan, your purpose.

When we surrender to flow, we are able to receive what we desire, and what serves our highest selves.

Trust is key.

Flow goddess pendant was hand drawn by me and digitised by Renae Roberts as a reminder of the flow, the surrender. 

A reminder to block out the "noise"

Birthed by a desire for the soul to sink deep into alignment and trust. 

Our hand drawn goddess depicts herself completely, and utterly thrusting her whole self forward, opening the heart chakra, throwing back the throat chakra and exposing the third eye and highest soul star chakras to universe to receive.

Crowned by the crescent moon, her goddess crown, adorned with a semi precious claw set rhodolite garnet, she accesses our deepest base chakra, cementing her power, her intense desire to manifest and create. 

She is bursting with magic as it drips from her finger tips back to earth. 

This pendant is close to my heart, it represents the cycle of intention birthing into manifestation and embracing our pure power, knowing we are worthy of abundance and that abundance is limitless. 

There is no limit in receiving.


Our flow goddess is placed on 14k soft coloured golden vermeil, 14k rose gold vermeil or sterling silver.

She is 25mm long x 20mm wide 

She is placed on a 45 cm or 50cm long chain 

All willow chain, soft willow, seed bead and rosary is placed on our standard chain.

For the first time we are releasing our feminine delicate figure 8 chain as an option, this is only available as pictured. 

Figure 8 chain only available in Gold

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