Green Tourmaline Necklace

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Green Tourmaline 

Chakra : Heart 

Mantra : "I am connected to nature, and all the beauty of mother earth supports me "

An incredible gentle frequency that soothes the heart's energy using the love frequency. 

She is akin to a mothers nurturing energy and softly evokes an awakening to heal all past and stored trauma.

Green tourmaline however awakens the acknowledgement that we are in fact at one and connected to nature. The incredibly cleansing frequency of green tourmaline amplifies our connection to nature.

She is emotionally healing ,calming feelings of resentment , yet allowing us to explore the depths of our darkness to heal from what holds us in that space.


Crystals size varies as she is sourced in her natural form 

approx sizes are 12mm -15mm

Shades of green vary greatly and may include pink inclusions ( watermelon tourmaline)

This design features two additional amplifier crystal beads at the back of the neck near the life force portal. 

The purpose of these crystals are to work in synergy with the main crystal.

Please choose your additional crystal and place in comments or we will intuitively choose.