Hala Mini Moon Necklace


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Hala Mini Moon

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"Hala" translates from ancient Sanskrit to English meaning "halo of light around the moon"

The Hala mini moon is an ishk original design. Each crystal is precisely cut by hand from raw aquamarine, black onyx and rainbow moonstone by our artisans in India and polished in a smooth finish replicating the shape of a crescent moon in her waxing and waning phase.

These phases hold powerful meaning as the waxing and waning represent polar opposites - release and intention- This treasure is a reminder of the ebbs and flows of life and the cycles we ride in.

Mounted with the crescent pointing downwards to balance the energy of intention and releasing, the Hala mini moon is 13mm from point to point and hand wrapped onto a 40cm cable chain with two 1.5cm extension options.

She can be placed on willow chain or rosary chain as an option.

If you select rosary chain, please leave your crystal choice in comments

This treasure is perfect on her own as an everyday reminder of intention and letting go, or as your middle layer in an Ishk set.

Choose aquamarine to align with you true self, moonstone for emotional healing and divine feminine connection to the luna cycles,fertility and love or black onyx for grounding, protection and strength.




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