Harmony Necklace


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Harmony Necklace

Crystal Collection

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A delicate 10mm x 3mm raw Diamond Quartz in a horizontal wrap or 10-12mm raw smoky Herkimer Diamond hand wrapped  in 14k gold fill, rose gold fill or sterling silver wire on a 45cm fine cable chain.

This treasure is a subtle crystal necklace for everyday wear.

Diamond Quartz is a form of natural quartz with stunning clarity. It is known as the master healer, this piece will promote harmony throughout all the chakras and a sense of overall wellbeing. 

Herkimer Diamonds are tiny double terminated crystals that are generally water clear. These little treasures are close to 500 million years old and are the most powerful in the crystal kingdom. Herkimer diamonds can receive, store, transmit and amplify energy, attuning the wearer to adapt and draw on their energy to almost any situation. 

A glossary of our pure earth crystals can be found here.

With love and light 

As we use crystals in their raw and natural state, meaning no treatments or dying, each is unique and may be different to what is pictured here. Crystals in their raw state prolong the longevity and energy of your one of a kind ISHK piece.

Please note: all of our pieces are made at the time of your order. Please allow 3 - 7 days for the creation of your unique piece and 3 - 5 days for shipping.

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