harmony diamond quartz necklace

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peaceful balance 

Chakra : Crown & Third Eye

Mantra : " I am calm and in alignment as I allow an energy of harmony and well-being to wash over me"

Wrapped in her raw form , this mini diamond quartz floats delicately on her chain. She is gentle healing and alignment.

Her energy is akin to a feeling of being embodied my gentle calm and contentment. 

She is an amplifier and has the ability to draw in the energy around her and create a harmonic balanced vibration.

She is a much gentler energy than herkimer or the larger diamond quartz and perfect for subtle alignment.

Each diamond quartz piece is raw and uncut, so expect beautiful organic variation

Crystal Size is approximately 10mm x 3mm 

Crystals are wrapped and suspended horizontally only.

All Harmony necklaces are placed on 42cm long chain of your choice with a small 2 cm extension and intuitively chosen crystal at the clasp.


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