harmony smoky herkimer quartz necklace

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grounded alignment

Chakra : Crown and Root

Mantra : "In the depths of my emotions, I am grounded, centered and calm"

Smoky Herkimer holds ancient earth inside her core to ground and unveil ancient knowledge. 

She is perfect for spiritual and emotional stability, connecting the soul deep into the present moment an allowing for psychic and intuitive work in a perfectly centered energy.

To access the ancient knowledge she holds, connect in and meditate with her. 

This beautifully grounding crystal allows us to feel into almost any energy we encounter and receive it in a balanced viewpoint.

Each Herkimer measures approximately 10-12mm and is delicately wrapped horizontally on a 42cm chain.

All ishk chains feature a 2cm extension with an intuitively chosen crystal at the clasp.

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