Herkimer Diamond

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Water Clear - flawless



Crown, Third eye, Soul star & etheric 


Healing Purpose

Unlike other crystals, Herkimer diamonds do not grow on a matrix or rock base but form in pockets or in a free form space beneath the earth, which give them the unique double terminated shape. Herkimer Diamonds are over 500 million years old and hold a lot of the earths wisdom and energy.

Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful of all the crystals. They are double terminated which allows them to not only receive energy, but store it, and transmit it aswell. These little powerhouses can store strength, courage, love, and higher frequencies to help you face challenging circumstances. You can draw on this stored energy at any time

She is like your saviour in times of need or distress.

Herkimer diamonds are a powerful healer and can remove blockages and stimulate the light energy around the soul.