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She is a pure authentic Herkimer diamond radiating a light energy that aligns the soul into her truth and purpose. She can tune into any frequency and allow your soul to feel at ease and journey through any situation.

We have accessed authentic Herkimer diamonds specifically for rise.

These rare diamonds are rare in these sizes and are graded AAA.

Her desire is to evoke higher learning and begin spiritual ascension so your soul can elevate and achieve a state of spiritual awakening and alignment.

Changes are in motion with herkimer diamonds.  She is truly magical and more of a long term experience and journey for the soul.

Please read the following carefully

If herkimer becomes too energetically intense to wear for long periods of time, take a short break and revisit her when you are called to wear her.

Our herkimers are naturally sourced direct from Herkimer county and are not shaped or cut, therefore a perfect symmetrical shape is not always achieved.

This batch of limited edition herkimer diamonds will feature unique characteristics that are typical of a natural crystal, including carbon inclusions, keyhole inclusions and etchings and coded glyphs - markings.

Our herkimer diamonds in this range are not perfectly symmetrical but rather imperfectly perfect by nature

Individual selections are unavailable at this time due to high demand.

You are purchasing an authentic high graded AAA water clear herkimer diamond 


Small Diamonds are placed on a 42cm chain with 2cm extension

Medium diamonds are placed on a 47cm chain with 2cm extension 

Large Diamonds are placed on a 52 cm chain with 2cm extension

** if no crystals are specified for triple goddess chain, baby herkimers will be used.

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