Incense Blend - La Luna Piena

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This potent Incense Blend has been carefully crafted with Magickal intention to assist with all Rituals, Practises & Spell crafting aligned with the Full Moon.

La Luna Piena is a sacred Incense Blend that is Protective, Cleansing & Healing. This Blend is Purifying & enhances Intuition & Psychic Senses. Crafted with the Intention of supporting Release & Illumination. 

The Blend 

Crafted from Organic and Wildcrafted Sacred Woods, Roots, Herbs, Flowers and Resins.

Your La Luna Piena Incense Blend comes in a refillable glass jar with a Burning Instructions Card & a Full Moon invocation card to help you lean into & create your own Ritual Practises.  

Includes one charcoal disc.

Approximately 30-40 burns.

Hand blended and crafted by Luna Soul Tarot.