Indi Crystal Bracelet

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Indi Crystal Bracelet

Chakra :  heart and crown 

Mantra : "Dance with me under the shimmering moonlight while we charge our souls in a frequency so high, she sings the hearts song"

The Indi bracelet is free spirited love, pure goddess heart frequency, activating the heart and opening her to elevated vibration.

Choose rose quartz, pink tourmaline or labradorite, woven into 14k golden filled or stirling silver balls.

There are no rules with our Indi bracelet, she infuses a combination of hammered textured discs and our thick cable links to create a beautifully beaded eclectic bracelet. 

Beads are infused in plain, textured and hammered, to create a symphony of movement, organic texture and crystal magic.

Each bracelet features 2 sets of 3 crystals, choose to feature the same crystals or select two different crystals. 

Crystals are 4mm in size 

Your talisman charm will be intuitively chosen and placed at the end of your bracelet or you can add your charm choice in the comments.

There are no rules 

The Indi bracelet is a free size and fits all.

The Charms

Silver - cross, open suns, mushroom, all seeing eye, heart, horse

Gold -  cross, leaf, heart, sun, flower 

The Crystals 

Rose Quartz ~ open the heart frequency to the vibration that is right for the soul, working in tune with rose quartz can allow you to open the heart and send the right frequency to attract connections that serve your souls path to purpose

Pink Tourmaline ~ Nurturing and incredibly grounding in a heart energy so beautifully focused on soul connections and bonds that she holds space for transformation in the path to reconnection with family and true soul connections 

Labradorite ~ time to hear the call of truth, to tap into your highest self and receive guidance from source. An elevated frequency that plays to the tune of the crown chakra to take the soul into higher ascension and spiritual growth 

The vibration of your Indi bracelet depends on your selected crystals.

For full explanation on the crystals, see our crystals glossary.

Our featured bracelet has rose quartz infused on her