Kings Coin

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An Ancient replica of one of the first coins ever minted in Egypt around 360BC during the reign of pharaoh Teos of the 30th Dynasty.

Embossed on an irregular, organic metal reminiscent of typical ancient coins.

Stone & Symbol Meaning 


In ancient Egypt, horses were a symbol of power and wealth. 

The most prized horses were the Arabian horses and many of the Pharaohs owned these horses.

They were never used for work and were heroic animals in Egyptian culture.

Our King's coin is an actual depiction of a real ancient Egyptian coined unearthed many many years ago in Ancient Egypt.

A powerful amulet summoning masculine energy, of action, of manifesting, calling dreams into existence.

In mythology, the horse can travel between realms and worlds, journeying between life and death, galloping between the Gods in the upper realms and the shadows in the underworld, embodying transcendent freedom.

The kings coin holds other worldly energy and taps into ancient frequency.

A power only the wearer shall behold.

There is magick in this coin, embedded with the crook glyph symbol which translates to "king" or "Pharoah"

Embedded with a genuine Emerald - the preferred gemstone choice for royalty, and connection to our truth.  

The King's coin brings blessing, abundance and an empowering energy that raises the soul to nobility, to warrior status and pure power and abundance.

Not for the faint of heart.

He will all you when you are ready.

Infinity Link 

Important Information

Our King's coin comes on an infinity link, meaning the amulet is interchangeable on any of our chains. 

The amulet cannot be removed from the infinity link - it is a fixed piece on the link, however it can be clipped onto different chains and chain styles.

Simply unclip the top ring on the infinity link and slide onto any chain.

Make sure when you close the link back into place, you hear a click, this means the latch is securely closed.

You can purchase the Kings Coin as a standalone amulet or as a set on an ishk chain of your choice.

Please see the listing options for more details

  • amulet includes infinity link which gives you the ability to clip it on and off onto various chains
  • infinity links are made by hand and feature a workable hinge


LENGTH: adjustable chain 55cm chain featuring 3 x cm extensions to 60cm

CRYSTAL: features an embedded 1.2mm solitaire emerald

AMULET: Amulet is solid and measures 25cm

An ishk original design

MATERIALS: 14k Gold vermeil amulet, Rose Gold vermeil or Stirling Silver chain, natural gemstones on 14k gold fill, rose gold fill and Stirling silver chain 

Styling tip: the perfect long relaxed chain

Please place crystal preference for triple goddess and crystal soft willow in comments

 You can view our chain styles here 

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