Kriya Diamond Necklace


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Kriya Diamond Quartz Necklace 

Crystal Collection

Product Details 

Kriya comes from the sanskrit word meaning 'flow and action' 

The diamond quartz crystals used in Kriya, sets in motion a perfect alignment and flow of abundance and purpose into our lives. Wearing her allows us to align with our true purpose, trust our intuition better and help us to receive guidance more clearly.

Each Diamond Quartz beauty is drilled by hand and delicately caged by hand in 14k Gold fill, 14k Rose Gold fill or Sterling Silver, 60cm cable chain.  There is an option to have her floating on willow chain, diamond chain or crystal rosary chain.

She features a 2cm extender with a baby herkimer diamond placed on the clasp.

Diamond quartz opens our highest chakras, including the crown, third eye and little known chakras above our crown that open us to complete spiritual awakening. 

All Ishk diamond quartz is sourced directly from the mines in Pakistan from ethical miners and ethical mines only. Diamond Quartz has a strong, organic energy, the larger diamonds can feel strong and vibrate at high frequencies, however, once you are in tune with her, the magic and kriya (flow) begin.

The energy encapsulated within diamond quartz is raw, authentic and carries the spirit of mother earth.

The Kriya necklace in the larger diamonds are recommended as your third layer.

The larger diamonds look best on the longer chains. Diamond Chain is a handmade chain featuring baby Herkimer diamonds every 1.5cm.

Limited availability on large diamonds 

The difference between diamond quartz and herkimer diamonds 

Diamond Quartz is a double terminated, water clear crystal that appears almost exactly as a herkimer diamond appears. Diamond Quartz cannot be called a herkimer diamond because it is not sourced from Herkimer County, although she carries the same healing properties as the Herkimer Diamond.

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