kriya diamond quartz necklace


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Chakra : Crown & Third Eye

Mantra : " I am in flow, I welcome change and embrace growth.  This is my soul's true path and I need to walk in it"

Our diamond quartz is pure magic. 

She is born in caves deep beneath the Earth's surface. Her energy is all flow and  movement.  Diamond Quartz vibrates at an extremely high frequency and works with the higher crown and third eye energy vortexes. 

Her energy in sound is high pitched like angels stringing a harp.  Her frequency can be intense and some may require frequent breaks as she activates realms beyond the conscious thoughts. 

Her vibration brings you into alignment with soul's path, so expect endings and huge transformational shifts to clear the path so you can walk in souls purpose.  

We like to call her the "guiding light " in the darkness as she can be incredibly life changing at moving stale energy, relationships and situations to get you to where you need to be.

Our diamond quartz is sourced directly from the miners in Peshawar, they do not change hands with other energies. 

The diamonds in this range are all graded at a minimum of AA

They feature some carbon inclusions - which is ancient earth captured inside her that offer anchoring and grounding in addition to spiritual growth. 

The diamond quartz in this range is magical and offers layers of coded information, including rainbows, prisms, crystal windows, keyhole inclusions and astral projection keys - your diamond is decoded with your purchase on a hand written card.


Diamond quartz are essentially a similar crystal and energy to a herkimer diamonds but do feature key differences - diamond quartz is of element of earth and Herkimer is water

They are not Herkimer diamonds because these particular crystals are not sourced from Herkimer County. 

Herkimer diamonds are much more ancient, older and rarer therefore are priced accordingly 

Please note our diamonds are measured from point to point.

The diamonds are naturally formed and birthed from earth as is, they are not cut, shaped or manufactured to be perfectly symmetrical. Take her beauty for as she is.

Our current batch of diamond quartz features magical floating carbon inclusions 

the larger the diamond, the more chance of grounding carbon inclusions 

Diamond sizes and chain recommendations 

Small (12-14mm) 45cm chain

Medium (14-18mm) 50cm chain 

Large (18-22mm) 55-58cm chain 

**if no crystal is selected for triple goddess chain, baby herkimers will be used

View our chain styles here 

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