Labradorite Raw Necklace

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Chakra : base, third eye & crown

Mantra : "In a sense of whimsical energy, I travel to new heights, see new things, imagine wondrous adventures- change awaits "

Part of our newest release- each labradorite is carved by hand into a 15mm x 7mm organic shape.

She is semi polished to preserve her natural energy and sheen, she is organically beautiful and raw at the core with authentic energy.

Iridescent flashes of blue, green and grey light her very core as labradorite takes you on a whimsical journey to the highest realms, a state beyond our current awakening, an imagined world which she brings forth into reality.

Labradorite encompasses the highest chakras in her energy field, allowing us to explore dream state, tap into intuition and channel. 

She is powerful in the sense that she also offers strength in grounding, stability and earthing, so we are able to access higher states of consciousness in an energy allows us to stay grounded and not become lost in the frequency.

Labradorite also offers psychic protection, think of her as the cord connecting you to earth whilst you travel the astral planes and acquire the teachings of other worlds.

All our labradorite is sourced and hand selected by our gemologist in India.

We use AAA grade labradorite only which features impressive flashiness and iridescent light reflection.

all our raw energy pieces come on a 45cm or 50cm chain of your choice

All Ishk pieces come with a 2cm extension and intuitively chosen crystal on the clasp

"Awaken Your Magic"


*** please specify your choice of crystal for the triple goddess chain, otherwise baby herkimer's will be used 

Our newest crowned option allows you to finish your crystal with a bead setting on top of the crystal.

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