Labradorite Starseed Ring

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Flashy hues of purple, grey, blue and bronze capture this faceted beauty as we showcase labradorite in her best light in this Pear-shaped ring.

These handmade rings are cut especially for ishk and faceted to bring out her best.

She swims in a sea of 23 sparkling white topaz gemstones.

Created by hand

Stone Meaning 


The most protective stone in the crystal kingdom, our labradorite rings usher in a new level of guardian as they deflect, protect and ward of lower vibrational energy.

A powerful stone to wear in heavy situations as her flashy frequency and vibration infuses energy not only to the wearer but to those who lay eyes on her.

Deeply transformative, Labradorite can help us tap into the psychic realm and take us on the path to embedding the soul with deep, long forgotten knowledge.

The Magick doesn't stop there as Labradorite protects on the sub conscious realm as well as the Earthly one, keeping you protected as you travel to the astral planes in your sleep.

The Ultimate Guardian stone shrouding the aura in the most powerfully protective cloaks known to the soul.

The Queen of Protection


White topaz offers a protective energy of the soul and encases the aura in a field of light, of love and safe from harmful or lower vibrational frequencies.  We have encased moonstone in white topaz so you can focus on the inner work without the outside influences 


BAND : Set on a 2mm rounded band. 

CRYSTALS : features a solitaire AAA Pear Shaped, faceted claw set Labradorite 18mm long by 14mm wide surrounded by 23 round sparkling inset white topaz.

Branded with ishk 

MATERIALS : 14K Gold Vermeil, or Stirling Silver & natural gemstones. 

Styling tip: your hero piece.

ring sizes cannot be adjusted