Lalita Crystal Bracelet

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Lalita Bracelet

Chakra :  Various 

Mantra : "Fill my spirit with freedom, of flow as I move to the rhythm in a dance of pure soul alignment "

Our Lalita bracelet is th dance of the soul to the rhythm of perfect alignment. 

She is fluid and she is free, as she releases the inner Indian Gypsy inside 

We use a thick 14k goldfill or Stirling Silver Rope chain and weave her into hand etched hourglass beads. 

Threaded into the golden rope, are two sets of faceted 3.5mm precious or semi precious crystals, locked in place place with decorative beading.

Each bracelet features 2 sets of 3 crystals, choose to feature the same crystals or select two different crystals.

Your talisman charm will be intuitively chosen and placed at the end of your bracelet or you can add your charm choice in the comments.

The Charms

Silver - cross, open suns, mushroom, all seeing eye, heart, horse

Gold -  cross, leaf, heart, sun, flower

Dance and free the soul.


Small - 16cm

Medium - 17cm

Large - 18cm 

The vibration of your Lalita bracelet depends on your selected crystals.

For full explanation on the crystals, see our crystals glossary.

our featured bracelet includes emeralds and pink sapphires