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Element ~ Air

Embedded Gem ~ Raw Diamond

Desire and balance. 

She is symmetry, perfect alignment and aesthetic beauty. 

A woman of vision who sees the Earthly plane with stars in her eyes

Libra embraces the blending and balance between the material world and gifts of spiritual wisdom

She craves equilibrium in all aspects of her life and slides into effortless balance when her soul is on the path of true purpose.

The beauty and materialism of which the earthly plane rains upon Libra is tempting enough to tip her scales.

The scales on our pendant depict the battle for balance between the light (sun) and the darkness (moon) 


The ability to blend the science, facts and spiritual and deliver and share the story in a way that captivates an audience is a rare gem.

Healed Libra

The healed expression of Libra holds the scales in balance, understanding in complete  wholeness that desire and need for material is harmony in the state of equlibrium.  Her cup flows with kindness and generosity and her giving nature floats in a nurturing energy.  Her life moves to a beautiful beat, a rhythm she dances to joyfully,

Unhealed Libra

The unhealed Libra values materialism more than she should.  Just as her generosity can be abundant, when the scales tip out of balance, she becomes deeply self critical, self indulgent and may lose sight of her purpose.  Finding the balance again can be especially overwhelming as she attempts to rediscover equilibrium in all areas of her life.

Raw Diamonds   

Raw Diamonds sit below the sun and moon of the scales. The raw diamonds are in balance and offer a frequency of humility and grounding while also having the allure of the diamond - one of the most precious stone on earth.  Raw diamonds have been chosen to help the Libra to maintain a balanced perspective of the world and to remain humble in her endeavour for equilibrium.  This is the secret to attaining and maintaining the balance she so desires.

Elemental of Air 

She is connected to the element of Air, Libra is completely changeable, yet always striving for balance.  She goes up as the air can float and comes down, however the desire to float in the right frequency is her purpose - balance.  One she seeks constantly.  The key to achieving her alignment in this element is to allow herself enough grounding to keep the scales in harmony. 

** our healed and unhealed expressions of our zodiac can be ever flowing and everchanging throughout our life journey. It may be triggered by events, wounding or the stories in all our chapters on the journey.

Libra pendant measures 16-18mm and is available in 14k soft yellow gold vermeil, 14k rose gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

She features 2 x 1.2mm Raw Diamonds.

Each Pendant is placed on a 45cm - 50cm chain featuring an extension option of 2cm

Please note in comments if you would like her shorter.

Figure 8 Chain only available in Gold

Snake Chain (1.2mm) Available in Gold or silver only 

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