light beam black onyx necklace


grounded protection

Chakra : base -root

Mantra : "I am conscious of the energy I take into by being"

Black Onyx is incredibly strong and carries a masculine frequency. This masculine energy is the yang to the yin in terms of a balanced perspective.

Black onyx allows us to make confident decisions based on the rational and is careful about who or what energy enters our own aura.

Acting as a shield to quietly warn us if a person or situation is not in alignment with our own and will not serve us, effectively blocking the negative energy.

This powerful crystal encourages us to stand our ground, to set strong energetic boundaries with others and to help keep us grounded and in the present moment.

This piece is a necessity in your Ishk collection and especially effective in the workplace/corporate environment, or encountering challenging family members

Each light beam bar measures 27x5mm 

The light beam bar is placed on a 45cm chain of your choice 

All Ishk pieces come with a 2cm extension and intuitively chosen crystal on the clasp

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