Magic Gift Box - Intuitively Curated

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Our magic gift boxes are the ultimate gift or a gift to self.

The Intuitively curated option includes some of our delicious spiritual offerings 

Your magical box will be filled with jewels, crystals and spiritual tools depending on your purchase price option.

This is a box that keeps on giving. 

Each box is curated especially for you and is everything you need in the moment you decide to open each gift.

She is filled with surprises that can be opened on special occasions, shared with friends or on particularly challenging days or moments when you need some love and nurture.

Know that you will receive exactly what you need in the moment you choose to seek it.

That's alignment.

Enjoy the magic of trusting the timing and keeping the faith.

The Intuitively Curated Inclusions

The Intuitively created box may include, 

  • One of our exclusive handmade soy wax natural candles 
  • 1 x Crystal handmade necklaces/bracelets or rings from Ishk Jewels (choose to add more in the options below)
  • Organic Sage Cleansing Bundle to move that stagnant energy
  • Hand blended organic tea from the tea collective
  • 1 x Crystal homeware from Ariana Ost
  • A hand selected high grade crystal specimen 
  • A loose handmade incense blend by Luna Soul Tarot 

Our boxes are intuitively curated unless you guide us otherwise.

The inclusions of the box will depend on your purchase price 


The Box:  Our magic box comes in a luxury pink gift box measuring 26cm x 19cm x 8cm fastened with pink ribbon.

Each individual gift will be gift wrapped with a little card attached, so you can open daily or monthly for your unique surprise 

This Box Doubles as our Christmas box

The Choices: Choose your metal, Gold, Silver or Rose Gold.                                        (This refers to your jewellery choice)

 If you already have some Ishk pieces, please place in the comments what you already own so we don't double up.

Please leave in comments any special crystal requests and a quick summary of what you are feeling and going through if preferred

You will receive a mini handwritten reading & guidance with each piece

Intuitive Box Value Options 


  • 1 x crystal necklace/ bracelet or ring
  • 2 x intuitively chosen gifts from the list above


  • 2x crystal necklaces 
  • 2 x intuitively chosen gifts from the list above 


  • 2 x crystal necklaces/ bracelets or rings 
  • 3 x intuitively chosen gifts form the list above