Meditation Herkimer Diamonds

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unlock the secrets

small sizes only left 

Chakra : Crown & Third Eye & Soul Star

Mantra : " I showing you in vivid hypercolor, visions and dreams and knowledge beyond this realm"

Hold her in the palm of you hand or place her on your third eye while laying on your back.

Take a deep breathe and enter your meditative state through your guided meditation app or through deep breath work.

Set your intention with her, ask to connect with her. 

Ask her to show you what she wills, unlock her ancient knowledge, her keys, her secrets.

Surrender and Flow, and she will do the rest.

Journal what you see, unlock, feel, and receive.

Our large meditation herkimers are magical.  Every single piece has a unique gift within her and each piece vibrates to her own song. Meditating with herkimer can be a mind blowing experience that opens the vortex and strengthens the connection with source.

Each herkimer is a loose extra large herkimer measuring between 15-25mm

she comes in her own pink magical ishk bag with a written explanation on her gifts for you to unlock.

Such a powerful tool for beginners or experienced meditators as she will dance to the beat of your drum .

Our meditation herkimers are raw and unearthed, take her as she is.

some contain rainbows, carbon inclusions and keyhole inclusions