mini moon necklace moonstone

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luna magic

Chakra : sacral, third eye & crown

Mantra : "I stand in my power and trust my intuition"

Our first matching mumma and bubba necklace

Iridescent rainbow moonstone from her mother land in India.

She exudes a deep feminine vibration and connects deeply into the cyclic nature of the moon. 

Her roots stretch to depths within the human body that need awakening.

In children , moonstone awakens the imagination and evokes their creative spirit 

Choose her for fertile thoughts, dreams, emotions.

Our mini moons are an Ishk original design. Each crystal is precisely cut by hand from by our artisans in India and polished in a smooth finish replicating the shape of a crescent moon in her waxing and waning phase.

This treasure is a reminder of the ebbs and flows of life and the cycles we ride in.

Each moon measures 13mm

Adult sizes are placed on a 42 cm chain of your choice 

Each piece comes with a 2cm extension

"Awaken Your Magic "

All our moonstone is sourced and hand selected by our gemologist in India. We use AAA grade moonstone only which features impressive flashiness and iridescent light reflection.