Clear Quartz Necklace (mini)

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Mini Quartz Healer 

Chakra : Crown  

Mantra : "I am the frequency of peace, harmony and balance. I amplify all that elevates my vibration"

This illuminated little crystal is incredibly calming, vibrating at a gentle energy of peace as she aligns all the energy centers. 

She is incredibly soothing and calming balancing the mind, body and soul.

If the earths frequency vibrated in tune with the harmony of clear quartz, earth would sing in her beautiful energy and overcome much darkness 

Choose your frequency and tune her to your souls requests by choosing which crystal beads are weaved into the chain

Our mini quartz healer features two golden, rose golden or silver balls on either side of her, gently caressing her harmonic frequency. 

At the nape of the neck near the life force chakra - energy point, features 3mm crystal beads of your choice determining the frequency and intention of your piece.

Choose you beads to customize the purpose of your piece.

Root Chakra 

smoky quartz -grounding

black garnet -protective and grounding 

red garnet - grounding and connection with yin (divine feminine) life force energy

Sacral Chakra

Orange Garnet - emotional expression and divine manifestion

Fire opal - passion, drive , motivation and expression 

Solar Plexus

Citrine - creativity and manifestation 

Yellow Sapphire - passion and ignition of purpose

Heart Chakra 

Emerald - cleansing heart activation and connection with nature 

Pink Sapphire - the light and heart of love , a balancing energy for heart 

Rhodonite - intense therapy of the heart with a grounding balanced frequency 

Throat Chakra

Blue Sapphire - the highest truth and alignment with soul, deep spiritual insight 

Aquamarine - calming activation of speaking the truth from the heart space 


Third Eye 

Moonstone - intuitively and emotionally supportive - connected into the luna energy

Iolite - other worldly connections - beautiful synchronicity

Amethyst - clarity and intuitive connection, protection 

Labradorite - travelling realms and psychic protection 


Tanzanite - self awakening and tuning into intuition 

Baby Herkimer - connection alignment and transformation  



All mini quartz healer's are placed on a 38cm chain with 3 x 2cm extensions

All Crystals in this range are raw pieces , expect beautiful natural irregularities

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