moonlight moonstone hoops

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moonlight moonstone hoops

fertility goddess 

Chakra : sacral, third eye & crown

Mantra : "I stand in my power and trust my intuition"

Our moonlight hoops feature a hand cut and carved rainbow moonstone suspended on our resigned hoops

Each Moonstone is cut into a 5mm single terminated shard and reflects the light in a powerful dance of light prisms.

Iridescent rainbow moonstone from her mother land in India suspended delicately in her frame.

She exudes a deep feminine vibration and connects deeply into the cyclic nature of the moon. 

Her roots stretch to depths within the human body that need awakening.

Deeply feminine energy, she connects to awaken our inner goddess and works deep into our womb energy. 

Our womb balance and energy is our vital life force, where souls enter the physical plane. It is important for her to have a beautiful energetically balanced vibration.

Moonstone helps to balance this energy by delving into the depths of emotional trauma form past and current lives and illuminating the shadows so we can begin our healing journey.

Choose her for fertile thoughts, dreams, emotions and fertility herself.

All our moonstone is sourced and hand selected by our gemologist in India. We use AAA grade moonstone only which features impressive flashiness and iridescent light reflection.

Our Gold hoops are 14k gold filled and measure 15mm

Our Rose Gold are 14k rose gold vermeil and measure 16mm

Our sterling silver hoops measure 14mm

"Awaken Your Magic"