Moonstone - Rainbow

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Colourless with brilliant flashes of blue and rainbow coloured sheen.



Crown, third eye & heart


Healing Purpose

Moonstone is a mysterious crystal with a captivating energy. You may find yourself drawn in by this crystals vibration, perhaps staring into it's many layers of flashy rainbow colours and allured by its pearlescent everchanging appearance. Just as the purpose serves of revealing our own hidden truths.

Moonstone holds a tangible connection to the powers of the magic of the moon. A sacred stone in India, and traditionally a wedding gift uniting the hearts of lovers and imparting the energy of fertility.

Moonstone is a deeply emotional stone and focuses on looking within the depths of the soul and helping to self-retrieve the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten

Moonstone is also known as the fertility stone and can help regulate hormones and restore fertility.