Moonstone Ethereal Ring

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We have revived an Ishk classic with our Moonstone Ethereal Ring

Originally designed in 2016, Our ethereal moonstone ring showcases an iridescent, glowing moonstone as the centre piece that radiates blue, pink, green and purple fire.

These handmade rings are cut especially for ishk and faceted to bring out her best.

She swims in a sea of 23 sparkling white topaz gemstones.

Created by hand

Stone Meaning 


Moonstone is the connection to the moon (Luna) energy and channels cyclic change and a deep awakening of the divine feminine (inner goddess) 

She is very much connected with womb energy and vibrates in synergy with the sacral chakra.  

A symbol of light, of hope, of inner strength and emotional well-being and stability.  Choose her to really connect deep into self and experience the rush of beautifully balanced emotions and love.

Moonstone is pure yin (feminine) energy and that of "receiving" 

She is fluid, light and soft, tranquil and connected.

She is inner goddess without inhibition.


White topaz offers a protective energy of the soul and encases the aura in a field of light, of love and safe from harmful or lower vibrational frequencies.  We have encased moonstone in white topaz so you can focus on the inner work without the outside influences 


BAND : Set on a 2mm rounded band. 

CRYSTALS : features a solitaire AAA Pear Shaped, faceted claw set Moonstone 18mm long by 14mm wide surrounded by 23 round sparkling inset white topaz.

Branded with ishk 

MATERIALS : 14K Gold Vermeil, or Stirling Silver & natural gemstones. 

Styling tip: your hero piece.

ring sizes cannot be adjusted 

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