Orbit Link

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Our orbit links are handmade links featuring a moveable hinge that allows you to remove your charm and clip onto various chains

Orbit links are an Ishk exclusive design.

The orbit links are compatible with the following charms.

Amun RASola Cross, Plaeides Amulet 

Only purchase the Orbit link if you intend to use it on the charms mentioned above


Features a 7mm diameter handmade link with workable hinge

How To Use

Gently pull the split on the ring until it unclips

Slide on your charm 

Place onto the chain of your choice and close the ring until you hear it click into place.

It is important to hear the click, so you know your hinge is fastened and the orbit link is secure and locked in place 

You can use the same orbit link to interchange the three charms above.