vasonite kids - boys & girls

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Our first matching mumma and bubba necklace

Vasonite holds an intensely cleansing energy that fills the chakras simultaneously, creating a flow of brilliant radiating frequency.

She allows us to access a meditative state of ease, and drops hurdles that we place on our journey to pave the way for a smoother path.

Anxiety, fear, worry falls away and achievement is absolute in her flow.

Her energy can be likened to a waterfall cascading down a mountain side, effortlessly  in harmonious pace.

Vasonite is release of what hold us back, she is confidence and flow in a loving , natural energy that encourages  us to experience fun on the way.

Vasonite is rooted out from Mt Vesuvius , India.

If you have a preference for the beads, please list below and we will do our best to work them into your piece.

Extensions are placed on each chain so your child can wear her for many years.

Boys chains do not have the three crystals on each side and are placed on a close link box chain.

Crystal Size : 13mm long x 4mm wide approx 

Boys version does not come with the 4 beads either side of crystal