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Element ~Water

Embedded Gem ~ Tanzanite

The elusive fish swimming in synergy with flow and resistance 

She hides in the depths of the oceans when she senses darkness, for her whole soul purpose as a Pisces is to elevate consciousness to the next spiritual ascension

Pisces has lived many lives and knows many things beyond this world. 

She is confused and disorientated by some of the things she sees in the souls around her.

She does not comprehend grudges, hate, unjust or unkindess.  

She knows that this human experience is temporary and understands that all is love and love is all.

The fish are in perfect flow despite the opposing direction, for perfection is an illusion.


Healed Pisces 

The healed expression of Pisces is in perfect harmony with her vision, her intuition. She is deeply connected to the divine feminine and is the apparition of a goddess from other worlds.

Unhealed Pisces

The unhealed Pisces can become lost in their own fantasy and illusion of what they perceive is real.  Sometimes this world is the better alternative than having to face the harsh reality of the earthly experience.  It is important to regularly ground the piscean soul back to earth so they can us their intuitive gifts to their full potential. 


Tanzanite is embedded into our pendants as the fish swim elusively through the magical waters of gems, moons and stars.  She is connected to the third eye and crown chakra and guides the Pisces to channel their powerful intuitive abilities to serve humanity.

Elemental of Water 

She is connected to the element of water, who flows in synergy with universal energy. Do not let her calm and flowing nature fool you. Her waters can become volatile as the tides do if she feels cornered or taken for granted.  Then as the fish is sleek and quick, she can elusively disappear into the seas..

** our healed and unhealed expressions of our zodiac can be ever flowing and everchanging throughout our life journey. It may be triggered by events, wounding or the stories in all our chapters on the journey.

Pisces pendant measures 16-18mm and is available in 14k soft yellow gold vermeil, 14k rose gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

She features 5  x 1.2mm tanzanite faceted crystals.

Each Pendant is placed on a 45cm - 50cm chain featuring an extension option of 2cm

Please note in comments if you would like her shorter.


Snake Chain (1.2mm) Available in Gold or silver only 

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