Pleaides Amulet

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Ever felt you are part of the wider galaxy? 

A galactic being from the constellation of Pleaides?

Our Pleaides Amulet connects you back into home, she is a call, a frequency, a transmission back to your Starseed origins.

Stone & Symbol Meaning 


Pleiades light beings vibrate at a high frequency, vibrating 3D-9D. 

Pleiadean Starseed's have natural intuitive and psychic gifts and are extremely empathic.

The Pleiadean's mission is to raise consciousness and help humanity move out of the 3D vibration of fear and into the higher 5D realm of connection and consciousness, especially with the transition into the age of Aquarius.

If you feel called to Pleiades star beings, chances are you carry their DNA and are a descendant sent to Earth on your journey/ mission to help humanity.

Activating the Pleaides DNA inside of you can be done through meditation, deep connection with other Earthbound star begins and channelling their transmissions.

Our Pleaides amulet is a transmission amulet encoded with the map home on the back of the piece 

Encoded with 444 on the back, the exact number of light years the Pleaides galaxies distance from Earth.

Choose this amulet to connect back into your Starseed origins and the call back to home.

Pleaides constellation appears brilliant blue to the naked eye; hence we have embedded natural blue sapphire to represent the actual colour of Pleaides and the activation of the higher chakras to connect with the galactic transmission of Pleaides 

Also known as the Seven Sisters, representing the seven brightest stars visible to us within the constellation that place this amazing galaxy on the map in our night skies

Tapping into this frequency is powerful and can be extremely intense for first timers, but the more familiar and embracing you come of this energy, it can be a magical ride through time, galaxies and consciousness.

Pleaides Constellation Address - Located in Taurus 

Distance From Earth - 444 light years.

Tap in - Calling all Starseed beings. 

Remember Home.

Orbit Link

Important Information

Our Pleiades amulet comes with or without the orbit link


Only choose the option WITHOUT the orbit link if you already have one.

Without an orbit link, you will be unable to attach your amulet to a chain

The Orbit link is interchangeable with some of our amulets, you can click the link below to see which amulets use the Orbit link.

The amulet can be removed from the orbit link and used with our orbit link amulets

See Amulets Compatible with the Orbit link here

Simply unclip the ring on the orbit link and slide onto any chain or switch up your amulet.

Make sure when you close the link back into place, you hear a click, this means the latch is securely closed.

You can purchase the Pleiades as a standalone amulet or as a set on an ishk chain of your choice.

Please see the listing options for more details

  • amulet can be purchased with or without orbit link
  • amulet is sold as standalone amulet or with an ishk chain 
  • you need at least one orbit link to be able to attach and interchange your amulets
  • orbit links are made by hand and feature a workable hinge


LENGTH: adjustable chain 45cm chain featuring 2 x 2.5cm extensions to 50cm.

CRYSTAL: features an embedded 4mm solitaire blue sapphire

AMULET: Amulet is solid and measures 20mm 

An ishk original design

MATERIALS: 14k Gold vermeil amulet, Rose Gold vermeil or Stirling Silver chain, natural gemstones on 14k gold fill, rose gold fill and Stirling silver chain 

Styling tip: the perfect long relaxed chain or a mid-length feature chain

Please place crystal preference for triple goddess and crystal soft willow in comments

 You can view our chain styles here 

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