Psychic Awakening Set

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Psychic Awakening Set 

Open your connection to source and even alter your frequency with the psychic awakening set.

Each piece is designed to work to enhance and awaken your natural psychic abilities.

We are all Psychic!

 Many of us just need to activate our natural abilities and gifts!

If wearing all the crystals in this set is too much at first, easy into your frequency change by wearing one or two initially.

Your frequency may need time to adjust


Layer 1

Blue Bio Kyanite Necklace

The bridge between our world and the spirit world

Blue Kyanite connects us to the psychic realm and opens our third eye, amplifying our connection to source.  Blue Kyanite is also powerful in connecting to to spirit and those beyond the veil (our spirit guides) 

The first step to your awakening.


Featuring solitaire blue bio kyanite.

Adjustable chain 38cm - 42cm 

Wear in the set or alone.

Placed on our standard chain

Layer 2

Labradorite Emerald Cut

One of the most important crystals in this stack - Labradorite.

This protects your soul and energy, especially as your work to explore other realms.

Labradorite is the most protective crystal in the crystal world.

Labradorite also takes us on a journey through the astral planes and other realms. Working with Bio blue kyanite to amplify our connection to spirit guides/ source energy.

This crystal is POWERFUL and one of the most important elements of this stack.

The blue flashes lock into the frequency of blue kyanites frequency and work in tandem with each other.


Featuring solitaire Emerald Cut Labradorite measuring 14mm x 10mm

Adjustable chain 42cm - 46cm

Wear in the set or alone.

Placed on our soft willow chain.

Layer 3

Tanzanite Lakshi

What a power combo, as tanzanite elevates both Labradorite and Blue kyanite to new heights.

Indigo Tanzanite blows the crown chakra wide open and asks the soul to feel into the comfortability of "receiving" downloads and messages from source.

Working in harmony with Labradorite and Blue kyanite, Tanzanite turns up the dial on our access to higher frequencies.

She is the most awakening part of this combo and will give the you access to the dream realm and lucid dreaming.


Featuring 12 AAA tanzanite beads 

Adjustable chain 39cm - 49cm

Wear in the set or alone.

Can be adjusted to be worn as the first, second or third layer

Layer 4

Moonstone Sacred Geometry

To round out this stack, the moonstone sacred geometry offers balance and emotional well-being.

When we are in a calm and balanced state of mind, we are able to access our natural gifts with ease.

A natural activator of the third eye, Moonstone sacred geometry will allow all the pieces to work in unity and harmoniously together to propel your relationship with spirit to the next level.


Featuring 20mm x 15mm sacred cut rainbow moonstone

Adjustable chain 48cm - 55cm

Wear in the set or alone.

Placed on White topaz infused triple goddess chain

The listing includes 4 necklaces, all featuring adjustable chain lengths to layer with each other or mix and match or be worn alone.

Please see the item description for chain infusions and crystals used..

All Chains are made form 925 Stirling Silver, 14k Gold Fill and 14k Rose Gold Fill 

We only used genuine crystals and gemstones

You save 25% by purchasing this as a set.