Eye Of Ra Pendant

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Eye of Ra 

Chakra : Base / Root  

Mantra "I am here to take down what no longer serves you in a spectacular motion of intensity for transformation and change"

Ra is the feminine energy to the sun god Ra. The symbolism for Ra dates back to ancient hieroglyphics in Egyptian mythology. 

She represents a strong force that carries the energy of thunder, lightning and destruction. 

She holds a powerful energy of protection as she encourages us to shed, strip bare what weighs upon us and clear the path of emotional turmoil to move forward.

Ra is featured on a 12mm eye shaped pendant.

At the centre of the pupil of this powerful piece is a single 2mm black spinel crystal.

Ra is placed on a 45cm chain 

The frequency of Black Spinel is transformation, strength and protection as she encourages empowerment and accomplishment

She is the perfect partner for Ra's powerful energy.

Feel the obstacles fall away with this ancient warrior.

Ra is pictured on snake chain, and is available on any chain type. 

Snake Chain is not available in Rose Gold 

Snake chain is only available in 38cm.

Other Chain choices will be placed on 42cm unless stated otherwise in comments

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