Raw Golden Herkimer Diamond Necklace

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transformation & manifestation

Chakra : crown, third eye & soul star

Mantra : " I am ready to elevate, to explore the darkness and experience my awakening, finally shifting past hurts and healing old wounds"

Our most powerful and highly energized crystal featured in the Ishk collection.

She is heart, soul and beyond earthly realms.

Take her as she is, the pieces in this collection are asymmetrical, they are raw and organic just as they were unearthed.

Extremely intense, you need to be ready for her journey.  You will be called to her when the time is right.  If wearing her, the experiences and energy is too intense, take a break and revisit her when you are called.

Golden diamonds hold liquid golden oil from earths core inside her.

The golden oil inside them is unrefined, raw and natural and has been in the diamond since her formation over a billion years ago.

Each diamond contains it own solar energy floating inside her core.  The glow on these treasures is hypnotically mind blowing as she glows naturally in the sunlight and iridescently under UV light.

This is pure solar energy that moves with your energy and floats delicately inside the crystals heart.

This pure solar energy is fuel, she is like ignited liquid that works in synergy with the solar plexus chakra to activate the fire energy within.  For that reason, she is extremely motivational , inspirational and a hard and fast type energy. Match this flow and it can be extremely productive in awakening ideas, goals dreams.  If you are struggling to match the pace, she can make you feel a little overwhelmed or dizzy. 

For that reason, we recommend requesting smoky quartz or garnet as your clasp choice to balance the energy.

As you connect with the energy of the Golden diamond, a passage is opened and major energetic shifts occur.

Her energy is intensely strong , allowing direct communication through to the unseen "Golden Gateway" 

The Golden Gateway is our connection to source, to higher consciousness, to our true soul.

I have studied each of these intensely and have noted some additional other worldly phenomena about them. 

You will receive a written explanation detailing this with your order. 

Enjoy the magic and beauty of these rare amazing crystals.


Diamonds are asymmetrical and are organic and raw

Each diamond holds a minimum of one droplet of oil inside her. 

The amount of oil does not determine the energy or vibration of the diamond, she is just as effective as those with more or less oil.

Diamonds will be selected at random, please let us know if you would like to select your own 

Expect organic shapes, keyhole inclusions, anthraxolite inclusions, ancient earth, triangular windows and formations and other irregularities which are completely NATURAL.

All explanations of your crystals unique characteristics will be provided in writing with your diamond.

Golden oil filled diamonds are rare, please note that this batch is extremely limited 

Chain lengths 

Small diamond (measures 10-14mm) - 42cm chain

Medium diamond ( measures 14-19mm) - 45cm chain 

Large Diamond (measures 20-24mm) - 50cm chain 

*** please specify your choice of crystal for the triple goddess chain, otherwise baby herkimer's will be used

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