raw smoky diamond quartz necklace

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raw smoky diamond quartz

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Chakra - Root 

Purpose - Grounding, Courage, Strong Foundation, Strength.

Take her as she is.

She is raw and unimaginably grounded to Mother Earth in her frequency and form.  

Encapsulated in her core is raw earth more than a billion years old.  She holds ancient information linked to Earth's history and deep connection with the planets frequency and evolutionary journey.

Wearing her will deeply connect you to the Earth and ground the soul to establish a strong foundation, courage, truth and strength.

More than ever, this crystal is calling to humankind to reconnect and allow for a reawakening.

They have an earthy champagne glow when the natural sunlight illuminates their beauty

To unlock the ancient information she holds inside her, meditate and awaken her magic to unlock yours.

Crystals are all raw and in their natural state, therefore are organically shaped.

Small- (10mm-14mm) will be placed on a 42-45cm chain

Medium-(14mm-18mm) will be placed on a 45-48cm chain

Large- (18-22mm) will be placed on a 50-55cm chain

The new soft willow chain features intuitively chosen crystal beads at the base of the neck - a highly energetic spiritual portal on the human body.

If you would like a specific crystal bead on soft willow, please note in the comments.

image features a medium herkimer on soft willow chain with a garnet bead.

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