moonstone raw necklace

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Part of our newest release- each moonstone is carved by hand into a 15mm x 7mm organic shape.

She is semi polished to preserve her natural energy and sheen, she is organically beautiful and raw at the core with authentic energy.

We have removed her impurities to emphasise her rainbow magic 

Iridescent rainbow moonstone from her mother land in India suspended delicately in her frame.

She exudes a deep feminine vibration and connects deeply into the cyclic nature of the moon. 

She is movement, healing and emotionally supportive.

Moving stored pain, trauma and energy that does not serve us from our womb space, clearing and healing this sacred space to re ignite the frequency of creativity, rebirth - new life 

Deeply feminine energy, she connects to awaken our inner goddess and works deep into our womb energy. 

Our womb balance and energy is our vital life force, where souls enter the physical plane. It is important for her to have a beautiful energetically balanced vibration.

Her roots stretch to the depths within the human body that need awakening.

She illuminates the shadows so we can begin our healing journey.

Choose her for fertile thoughts, dreams, emotions and fertility herself.

All our moonstone is sourced and hand selected by our gemologist in India.

We use AAA grade moonstone only which features impressive flashiness and iridescent light reflection.

all our raw energy pieces come on a 45cm or 50cm chain of your choice

All Ishk pieces come with a 2cm extension and intuitively chosen crystal on the clasp

"Awaken Your Magic"

*** please specify your choice of crystal for the triple goddess chain, otherwise baby herkimer's will be used 

Our newest crowned option allows you to finish your crystal with a bead setting on top of the crystal.

 View our chain styles here