Red Garnet Lotus Necklace

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Our lotus necklace represents an awakening of the soul aligned with the frequency of your chosen crystal

She is made by hand and features natural crystal gemstones encased by the petals of the lotus.

She is weaved with intention, featuring 11 crystals on the chain. 

We use 11 to tap into the frequency of numerology, as well as the crystals vibration. 

11 is a karmic number and is the energy of spiritual awakening.

Stone Meaning 


Red garnet connects deep into the root chakra to ground and awaken the soul from her slumber of comfortability.

She evokes an unravelling of our life force energy (kundalini) to rise up and embrace the sacredness of our very being.

When red garnet is used in our spiritual practice, she evokes a stirring of our passion and a motivation of the spirit to move and shift into a more aligned state.

She is emotionally supportive and should always be the first point of call on the journey to spiritual awakening. 

All our red garnets are of the highest quality and sourced ethically from India, the depth of her colour is completely natural and exudes the highest frequency.

Ishk Jewels

All our jewellery is made by hand with natural crystals and high quality materials.  Each Ishk piece of jewellery comes in its own luxury Ishk Jewels gift box. We also include a hand written card with the meaning of your piece. If you order multiple pieces, we may place them in one box for sustainability purposes. If the jewels are a gift, please place a note in comments section 


LENGTH : adjustable 39 cm-49cm (choker to necklace length) features 4 adjustment options

CRYSTALS : features 11 natural 3.5mm faceted red garnets plus an intuitively chosen crystal at the clasp

MATERIALS : 14K Gold filled, Rose Gold Filled or Stirling Silver chain & natural gemstones. features 2 etched gold filled featured beads at the nape of the neck 

Styling tip : layer the different crystals by adjusting the lengths and collecting all the lotus necklaces to layer with each other