rhodonite necklace

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heart healer necklace 

Chakra : Heart 

Mantra : "I learn from past hurt and trauma and move forward with confidence"

Rhodonite is the not for the faint hearted. She is a stronger energetic frequency.

She will hold you to the lessons in your past relationships.  

A beautiful journey of transformation, healing and letting go.

She is experienced in heart healing, delving into past life hurt and trauma and allowing you to feel, heal and explore the reasons for the repeated cycles.

Rhodonite delivers a powerful energy, she is perfectly aligned for those who feel "defeated" and especially on those who feel like they are experiencing the same lessons repeatedly.

She will allow you to delve deep to break the cycle.

Be ready for powerful change 


Our rhodonite feature mixed inclusions, black , green and earth tones

They are all predominantly pink, however all pieces will feature black (manganese oxide) which works in harmony with a grounding frequency or green rhodonite which ampifies the properties of the heart

Manganese allows us to form healthy bonds so she works in synergy with rhodonite energy.

Some of the variances showcase as glorious natural veining running through the heart of the crystal 

The earthy tones are the presence of iron - grounding frequency 

Sizes vary with medium pieces measuring 25mm and the larger 45mm 

Large crystals will be placed in a 48cm chain 

medium crystals will be placed on a 42 cm chain 

Please note your crystal choice for triple goddess and crystal soft willow in comment or we will intuitively select for you

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